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What is Airgun Field Target?

Field target is a type of marksmanship competition where participants shoot at metal targets shaped like animals or other objects. The targets are placed at varying distances, between 9 and 50 meters, and the shooter must hit the center of a target in the "kill zone" varying in size from 15 to 40mm in order to knock the target down to score points. The course layout consists of a range of targets to be shot from different positions, such as standing, kneeling, and sitting. There are twenty-five lanes and fifty targets per course. At major matches such as the World Field Target Championship (WFTC), there are three courses shot over three days. The shooter must move from station to station in order to complete the course.

Field target is a great way for shooters of all levels, ages, and genders to test their accuracy and skill.

The World Field Target Federation (WFTF) is an international marksmanship sanctioning body dedicated to promoting and organizing the sport of Field Target. Established many years ago, the WFTF has been a leader in setting the highest standards of competition for Field Target and has been responsible for organizing and sanctioning international matches.


Every year the World Field Target Championship is held in a host country selected from a predetermined rotation schedule of over forty Member Countries. This tournament is the pinnacle of Field Target competition and draws shooters from all over the globe. With WFTF sanctioning,  your Field Target matches will be proudly held to the highest standards.

A classic near-vintage video describing Field Target

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