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Application for Membership into the

World Field Target Federation

  1. What is the name of your national organization, and where are you located?

  2. Please include a copy of your organization’s constitution

  3. When were you established?

  4. Is your organization a member of any national shooting organization, or other national sanctioning body?

  5. Are you a commercial organization, or are you a not-for-profit organization?

  6. How many Field Target Clubs are part of your organization?

  7. How many members do you have that regularly participate in our sport?

  8. How many Field target competitions have you hosted?

  9. Please send links to your website and social media connected with Field Target

  10. Please include pictures of matches you have held.

  11. Who will be designated/elected as your country's Representative Governing Body (RGB) person? 

  12. If there is more than one field target club in your country, please provide minutes/evidence that a vote has been taken to approve your RGB and application intent.  

You may establish contact with the Chairman on our contacts page, and an email will be provided to you to submit additional supporting documents. 

When we receive your responses, your application will be reviewed, and approval of which will be subject to the approval by the ballot of our WFTF members.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Member County and look forward to your inquiry. 

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